Welcome to Hagley Financial Planning Ltd

Hagley Financial Planning Limited is based in the rural village of Hagley, about 7 miles from Birmingham City Centre.

We offer independent financial advice on all areas of financial planning:

  • Savings

  • Investments

  • Retirement Planning

  • Mortgages

  • Life & Health Insurance

  • Estate Planning

Being independent means that we work in our clients best interests; we are not tied or affiliated with any company. This means that our clients receive impartial advice, best suited to their needs. We offer our services on a fee  basis, which will be fully explained to you during the initial consultation (which is without charge)

We pride ourselves on our honest and informal approach, helping you to understand the jargon and helping you to achieve your financial goals. Our aim is to build a long term, trusting relationship with our clients, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.. So, whether you are trying to purchase your first home, need tax efficient savings for your future, or planning your pension income, we can help. Call us for a no obligation discussion on 01562 887962.

Who we are

The managing director of Hagley Financial Planning is Harnack Sahota, who is fully qualified to deal in all areas of financial advice. He has over 30 years experience as an Independent Financial Adviser and has been running his own business since 1999

Harnack likes to meet people and is genuinely interested to hear about their lives. With a wide ranging and long standing knowledge of the industry, he is able to offer astute, objective and constructive advice.

Supporting Harnack is Wendy, who runs the office and has over 20 years industry experience. She is known as a ‘para planner’ and she writes reports, carries out research and helps formulate ideas. She is also fully qualified as a financial adviser and pension transfer specialist. 

Vurun Sahota is a financial adviser, mortgage & protection adviser. He is also our office support, helping with administration.

Between their contrasting approaches and individual skills, Harnack, Wendy and Vurun make a good team in formulating robust financial advice for all life stages, whilst maintaining the traditional values of a family business.

Our team is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We do not have sales targets or advertising budgets, instead we rely on our ability to do a good job to keep our existing clients happy.

How we work

If you think you need financial advice, then you can make an appointment by contacting us. We will then either come to see you, or you can come to see us in our Hagley office, in line with social distancing.


During the first meeting, we need to learn about you; your circumstances, your goals and your general outlook. In this meeting, (which is without charge), we tell you whether or not we will be able to help you.

If we feel that we can help, we assess the information you gave us and formulate a plan of action to meet your specific needs and let you know the fee applicable. Should you decide to go ahead with our recommendation, we work on putting everything into action for you

From then on, we consider you our client, but our involvement in your finances can be as in-depth or as remote as you wish. We do however like to review the plans that we have recommended for you at least annually, as it is our job to make sure that they are still appropriate for you.

We hope that this simple, yet effective approach leads you to call on us whenever you need further advice. This approach is how we have built our business and how we maintain our clients through all stages of their financial needs

If you would like to talk to us, or think we might be able to help, then please contact us.